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Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, Let me start by saying "Why the Hell Does everybody on CNBC Europe, make the CNBC staff Seem Retarded... I'm sorry, I mispoke... Make the CNBC staff look like ignorant morons. They ask such great questions."Not sure when I heard a conversation about the Chinese PEG on the Yuan from 6-8pm.

Futures up 80 or up 10 on the spx

I suggested to tony that, I'm not sure you want to even think about being short the market till you see sub 1.49 on the Dollar Euro.

Then you should stick to thinking about it. And if we make a new high in the Euro, all bets are off.

Which doesn't mean that after the open, and they short cover, then the futures traders flip their trades through 11pm, that it won't be the top.

Overnight the MEME is all Dollar, and the Weak Currency BLA BLA BLA Meme the whole world seems to be about the weak dollar.... But it feels like an Orgazuming Meme.
and if you chose to short, I'd be scalping. Seems like if a Meme was peaking, this would be it....

You just have to see it get out of the trade channel, before you get very excited about being short.

We will see about the open, but There is no chance I can bring myself to even scalp long at this point. I hear everyone talking about a greater fool in equities, and I feel like I'd be setting myself up as one. I may just call it a day.

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