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Thursday, November 12, 2009

How about some Chive


Tony said...

What the hell kinda picture of that!?Is that the mouse version of Missy Francis trying to revive a cold dead Larry after the SPX hits 850?

Eric said...

I asked T when you could take the Picture off, and she didn't answer.

but I'm not sure if that counted as trying to predict the market.

I would say, the very real danger is that suddenly you become superstitious. So if you want to change it... Well, warn me because we will obviously get a bounce right after.

The other option would be to Just flip a coin, and if a certain result or if 2 days in a row you get Heads, then you change it. You need to add randomness to the decision.

Just saying!

you just have to love "The Chive", Feel fortunate I don't post the Fat or ugly chicks. But I don't find them as funny.

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