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Friday, November 13, 2009


The current Trading MEME is "the Stalk" so this morning, like I suggested we should have been Stalking this. My good friend Tony, got trapped in this. Which would have probably nailed me this morning Too... but there wasn't a good Vic2B... and Even if I showed you what there was, they used it as a Buy this morning, so the noise on the 5 min would have been hard....

but remember you are looking at a Closing Bar on the 5 min.
The solution would have been to reduce the noise and maybe stalk the 65 minute, which would have kept you out of trouble... and then you could have looked for a better entry at one point.

The great thing about the 65 Min... is that "its better than the 60" and nobody else uses it, so you don't get suckered with "Them"

1 comment:

Tony said...

Thanks, yeah good ideas. I find these setups to be infrequent on the indices.

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