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Monday, November 9, 2009

Making me make bullshit predictions

Everybody Knows we are going to new highs..... YeeeeHaaaaa

Of course Terranova said nothing about the super spike... maybe that is the diabolical thing, (sarcasum BTW), but it's easy to avoid.

So, we have solid bullishness, and this Weak Dollar Meme... FEELS like the weak dollar ME has Orgasmed.... It will be , interesting to see some Morning bullishness as well. Real Euphoria!

I mean.... seriously Rosenberg and gold

I'm not going to waist a raindance on double top, test of top... Superspike.... Nazdaq 2K.

But this is easy.... see it start testing the 15Period 20EMA's then see it break to the 60 bounce and fail......

only thing that would suck, is if it did something else....

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Tony said...

Ha! We're never gonna see spx 1050 again in our lifetimes. Ever.

This is a whole new paradigm where we devalue our debt into smithereens! Why hadn't we thought of this 30 years ago?

Terranova for Fed Chief. Guy Adami for Treasury Secretary. Melissa Lee can be his intern.

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