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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"the dollar has decoupled from the market"!!!

either that or this is that point where "The market has decoupled from reality"


Tony said...

My sentiment anecdotes:

"Santa Claus rally has started will go to Feb."

Terranova: "You have to buy here because prices are going higher."

"Shorts are going to get the biggest squeeze ever in the next 6 weeks."

"Today shows dollar strength is good for stocks."

"Chinese consumers will save us."

Steve Grasso: "No doubt" we end the year higher.

Now Cramer is saying: "Ag demand is booming."

Eric said...

I'm running 8-10 positive, or optimistic.
and Waining.

Eric said...

I have 1 negative, doug kass, and 1 throwing out a... "Lookie here" Either we move up, or she is a gonner.

Lots of "consolidation", which is what they say on the first pull back.

Tony said...

Someone on FM (Seymour?) said that "people will be buyers as long as it keeps going up". I would add, the logical converse is also true that it will keep going up as long as people are buying.

So it's a virtuous cycle that will never go down!!

Of course, "they" will sell eventually... but who are "they" that are doing all the price movement? Obviously not Seymour, or Terranova, or the 8 out of 10 bloggers you surveyed.

So either a) the market will go up forever, or b) we have not identified the "they" who will eventually sell.

Eric said...

I think you can identify the people who won't be buying.

Because they already have.

they also won't be short covering.

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