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Friday, October 2, 2009


Fell asleep at 9 or 10 then back up at 1am... apparently asia is closed or something, I'd check or open up futures or something but i'm lazy.
I talked about this: saying "It's a learning Game" My point was that it's normal for everyone to see this as a repeating pattern. Assumed that it will repeat infinity, it's like how Taleb talks about how economists just extrapolate the spreadsheets out a few quarters and you get dow 40,000

Only the stupidest traders think it's going to repeat.

I have to remind myself about posting, one problem I have is that some of the same traders I find are fools start parroting my posts. Then I get confused about what "They" are doing. You know... my samples are too small for any real science out of the data.

many think that we are going to get a bounce... so I wouldn't eliminate the possibility of another down bar.
Then the weekend warriors can puke them up on Monday morning and we can get a bounce...

Like I mentioned everyone is watching 100spy or so... and that is very true...all eyes are there.

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Tony said...

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle governs market sentiment especially in small samples.

I like your trend line and the volume and momo seem like this should carry through-- but then I thought the same thing in July. One difference is that now we have more price risk for the bulls.

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