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Monday, October 19, 2009

Still in the Weeds

So, futures are up. good to protect against upside. Apparently the Jesus phone is going to save us today.

I think the real question is "how much money, did people around kitchen tables, over the weekend decide to throw into the market today"

Then we have some "De-leveraging of options"

We shall see

D-Fence wins the game.

The dollar is still muddling. so back end of the cycle might still outperform.


Tony said...

Ah yes, another 20-ma gets bought up. Beast won't die.

Eric said...


they came in trying to sell it and it blew up on them.

I already sold it, and look to protect myself on the bounce... but I'm holding this hedge till it goes flat.

Eric said...

this is making me old..

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