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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Just told tony something important

I figured I'd restate it. Yesterday, I knew the Peso didn't close on a new high high, it made a lower low, but didn't make a Higher high, it just toyed with its Range.

Point being it still needs to make a Higher High....

THEN THEN!!!!!! needs to make a higher Low.... It's still HELL AND GONE FROM a TECHNICAL DOWNTREND.

Lets also talk about the market, for all the "Looked like it was going to make a Lower Low" It didn't. It also needed to make a Lower High. It did Neither.
Certainly there is a chance that we will cliff dive after a top. but we need a Lower Low... then a Lower High...... and not aggressive but defensive until that happens.


Tony said...

FWIW, my (lame) elliot wave analysis says the absolute highest the SPY can get in this cycle is $110.43...

then an a-b-c

Eric said...

tks.... you know I think all EWT is lame... and strangly correct from time to time.

so yours is as lame as mine..

of course you read a book, I just checked out some websites...

Eric said...

BTW I fucking win


Tony said...

WTF is a shooting star?

BTW, game on, we lost 109.40 support.

Eric said...


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