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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


that is strange the minute I post my chart is starts showing up, in other peoples blogs.

for those who do appreciate a chart or 2 from me, realize I don't mind you freeloading off of me. It's these assholes who steal them and pretend they are their own. Seem to not realize it's intellectual Theft. I'm not bitching like I'm Mettalica, I'm bitching like I'm metalica and someone pretends "And Justice for all" is their Album.

OK enough bitching.

hmmm dollar looks range bound this morning. a break of 1.4765 dollar euro would be important..

so is it consolidating for a move lower? or does it have a chance of failure?

you think I am kidding... I don't have a read....

ok... it just shot 1.48... we can see where it goes from there.

You know... I can make a case for 1.49... but not on sentiment.

but I did say that gold hasn't made the weekend paper.

but some "disabled financial blogger was just posting about the gdx... and I looked at it, and it seems like it's hit it's target... but that suggests that the Metal could still run with the dollar and the stocks have had their "Lady Chatterly moment", and we get one more leg in the weak dollar and gold.

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