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Monday, October 19, 2009


2/3 rds of the votes in the afghan election "in question" or invalid

Sweet... so it's not like he just tipped the scales in the election.... it's more that nobody voted for him, and he had to cheat on all the ballots.

and of course we are not going to throw his ass out!
"People are disappointed, really disappointed," said Afghan political analyst Abdulhadi Hairan. "It will be hard for them to trust the next government."

which of course ruin's our credibility. if we can't sort this out ... I'm thinking cut and run. why waist time and lives if we are going to "fight for Democracy" and then hand the afghans to a dictator....

we are so fucking stupid!

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Tony said...

This is Vietnam 1969. New president, nobody wants to "lose" a war. Obama's not as "crafty" as Nixon, but let's hope he's smarter and says, "The last guy lost this shitstorm of a war, I'm getting us out now." I doubt he's that smart, tho.

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