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Friday, October 16, 2009

More dollar talk

I have my oil metrics... but I'd look to get short at this point for a swing rather than try and top tick it..(I'm lying, I'll probably ignore it)

I guess maybe for a hedge... but I think my hedge will be the spx today.

Yesterdays low on the usd/euro... which is what I track and not the dollar index... and I get some distortion because I don't track the Asian currencies... "GASP!!! you don't care about ASIA!!!" I love Asia. I'd point out that you have ancient cultures with ancient Mafia and Corruption. We in Europe and America have Government and corporate greed instead!
SO yesterday the Euro dollar low was 1.485(new 2 or 3 day low) and it made a high after the close of 1.496 which is the 2 or 3 day high. So far... SO FAR it's a double top SO FAR.

right now we are at 1.487 which is very close to yesterdays 3 day low.

so the Yen made a high against the dollar on the 7th and hasn't looked back(dollar stronger)

gold is making new 3 day lows down $25 but it sort of looks like one swing and may need an upswing. but seems like it's disconnected from the dollar.

still .... We don't know!

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