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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gunning for the highs

I was laying in bed... and missed the latest irrational move in the market...

blind leading the blind. er blind leading the stupid..... but it doesn't make me possibly wrong.

we need some dollar action!

Update.... I misspelled Gunning!... what else is fucking new


Tony said...

Your man Guy and also T.Lo saying that AAPL topped. You can't fight the president of Cramerica, you'll lose every time in a market based on euphoria.

Eric said...

Well I'm sick of talking about it...

is that sentiment...

but if we make a closing high

then our next chance for a top is around the end of the month.

but we will see if we can get a nice Shooting star today.

but with some market structure rotations... the dollar should make a swing low at one point.

that is the impressive part, the dollar doesn't seem to swing.

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