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Monday, October 5, 2009

Something Sideways this way comes

My little flag was playable.... but... I'll be curious if we get a lower high here or if we can push up.. and make some kind of wave 3. This seems like an odd pattern. Not sure I want to play anything but solid failure... which I may not do..... and as I'm typing we are moving higher.....

Dylan Ratigan is on some kind of anti communist rant... some combo of Libertarianism and McCarthyism... somehow the communist have taken over congress..

I'd say Dylan needs to read more, they call it Hyper-Capitalism, where the Gov tries to help the corporations. It's kind what all those people at the G20 and G7 Meetings are complaining about. Massive Corporate Takeover/Globalization.

I'm not taking any sides... just pointing out that.. what is interesting is how garbled everyones thinking is... they keep trying to pidgin hole things as "communism" or whatever, and they have to realize their definition of Libertarianism or capitalism or communism.... well maybe our country needs a dialog to talk about what these things are. But I will say that the Media throws these terms around so Willy Nilly... No wonder people don't understand any of them.

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