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Friday, October 2, 2009


So, you think I'm going to go on a rant about what a bunch of assholes the right are for Rooting against America and against the Olympics.

Problem is, I live in Utah and we went through this. I have to admit that those people who think that having the Olympics is the patriotic Pro-Jobs thing to do! Well, it just doesn't tend to be true. Let me add that those thinking it's some kind of Victory for the Right, probably isn't true either. But it was a bad game to sort of fumble the ball when you are in the red zone on Healthcare.

This is how the Olympics worked here. The Ski Industry, started a Lobby group with the support of the chamber of commerce. They made a bid for the Olympics, and it was rejected because they didn't have support from either the State Government, or People. The first Bid Failed, Later a second bid looked like it was at least considered. Only it was obvious that they needed to Grease the Olympic Committee, Fruit punch receptions just didn't go very far. A Second Bid Failed because there was a Guarantee that had to be given by the state, that basically the taxpayers had to eat any loss. WELL we are one hell of a fiscally conservative State. And it was obvious that the Chamber of Commerce and Ski Industry wanted a blank check to build all this crap, venues that half of which would probably never be used again. The losses would be roughly 50%. State said no... I said no! ... What then happened was that the Lobby group had to come up with Millions of dollars to build venues, and to make absolute sure that no cost overruns would hit the state. So instead of using the state credit card those that would benefit had to come up with the money.

What I'm getting at is that the Olympics can be this corporate welfare program for the chamber of commerce... who can raise the money to make the Olympics profitable. but if you let them just go crazy with the taxpayer money, they will. But Making somebody besides the taxpayer come up with the money was what made our Olympics make money. It wasn't mitt Romney, It was that Utah Taxpayers refused to create a Subsidy or corporate Welfare for the ski Industry. It also seems like it was good to get Utah on the map as a Ski Location. But seems like Chicago, doesn't have much to prove... seems like its sort of a boom for the tourist industry for a few weeks. But besides to try and make hay with Rush limbaugh..... having or not having the Olympics is a local state issue... and of course there is the Loading up the briefcases full of cash! for the Olympic Committee! I imagine Chicago was good with that one.

I will say that is seems like the White House got into a game they couldn't win. If Chicago lost, they could lose some of his Core base, in the Chicago area, and look like a fool for not being in Washington, and letting a Jr Congressman from Florida do the Lifting for them. While the Senate at this point seems to have one of the worst plan for health care, I've ever seen. Seems like not only is the a Requirement for the poor under threat of jail and financial penalty to get Inadequate help in buying inadequate insurance. It looks to me like, I'll probably get taxed on my Insurance, so I'll probably be getting worse coverage and risking some Catastrophic Health Issue.... FINGERS CROSSED!!!! Hope I don't go Bankrupt because I get sick and have inadequate Insurance... but of course that was always a risk! I wish I had the balls to go to a savings plan!

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