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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I get a total Bad one... seems like CNBC has mastered hiding the Bulge, and no I'm not talking about the bulge Teranova has for Santelli!

This morning Trish Waddled down to the floor, and stood sideways, and her Black dress and colored jacket was doing a great job of hiding the fact that she is 7 months Pregnant!!! For regular Readers... I just noticed she was Fat on sunday! and I think Tony had to tell me she was Knocked up!!

I guess all that time hiding the bulge Maria has had for the past 7 years has come in handy!!!

But bad on me for not noticing, but in my defense I hate the midday kudlow, and usually when she talks I turn it off.


Tony said...

Ya, but I have a million dollars worth of formal education and training in the field. To be fair, I doubt such observations (or lack thereof) have any bearing on one's ability to navigate the stock market.

Eric said...

Seems like somebody was having "the great depression is coming!!!!" sex!

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