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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Tony was asking... So you have that 8/28 high 9/25 Low. Which after we broke it, they puked them up. Now we are above it they are buying them up. But here we are in this upswing, which now has Broken that pivot level. Now we have Broken that level. Now we look to see if we can Stalk the uptrend and look for a reversal... Which Means WE WANT TO SEE THE REVERSAL. NOT TOP TICK!, and it seems like a significant break of the 104.35 or so.

Today feels VERY EXCITED!, and Orgasmic in gold!, If you are getting into gold. That greater fool couldn't resist today's open or tomorrow. The papers are all about it, if you are into gold... NOW IS THE TIME!!!! YEEEEEEHAAAAA!!!! "Johnny at the office" after thinking about it all day, seeing the high, I can't imagine doesn't at least buy the open tomorrow!.

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