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Thursday, October 8, 2009

bla bla bla, super spike

So... The reason I hate EWT is this. I've been dinking around with the wave counts right? wave 4 consolidation bla bla bla.... but I don't know that it's not a larger wave 2, and that we are about to do the Terranova Super spike. And I'm mostly wanting to post it so I can curse it(if only I believed that worked). bla bla bla or if Here we are the consolidation resolves, at 107.20 which is the target. and we get a reversal.

Things are very Fucking crazy for us to not be making a new high. Gold of course has gone nuts and the bozoes are going to be dancing. You have to agree things are absolutely crazy! I mean seriously... almost too crazy to ... I've never seen it this crazy... well maybe in April or march. But to be honest, seems just about everyone has proceeded to talk a bunch of nonsense.

I will note that at this time no new low in dollar Euro, but one would want to wait for the open or the Open Pluss 1 hour, to see if it can make it.... I mean hell go short dollars and see.
Maybe some head and shoulders, or 3 push.... maybe 11am downtrend into a stalk-able leg.

but on a personal note, I'm thinking about a movie today... and my cable is out.... See it's even crazier!!!

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