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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A funny post

I read a ton of blogs, But I found this one and there was a post today.

China: I just as soon kiss a wookie

I feel compelled to comment on this China bullshit. You've already read the story, but in case you have been living under a virtual rock here it is.

Ohmigod! China is going to sell their Treasuries! We all gonna die!! Look, Wen Jiabao, don't make threats when you have nothing to actually threaten. Where are you going with your trillions? Japan?

Memo to Wen Jaibao: You are along for the ride. Get used to it
Isn't that just how we all feel... internationally "we are along for the ride. Get used to it.


Tony said...

Game Theory?
Heres the question I asked T.Lo:

Isn’t it a bit odd that Wen gets on international media to announce that he’s concerned about the value of US Treasurys when he owns like 1/3 of all outstanding US Treasurys.

If I was that far into an asset– say a rental property or a stock– I wouldn’t go on the evening news and say, “Man, that deadbeat trailer life family is trashing my rental property… oh, by the way, I may want to sell it; now, does anyone want to buy it?”
It just seems odd. If Wen were that concerned, why didn’t he pick up the phone and call Pelosi or Reid or Obama? Or, maybe he did and they gave him the brush off? I just can’t fathom the game theory behind Wen’s highly publicized “worry.” If it’s genuine concern, then he would be better served to say the opposite.

Eric said...


If everybody has that same concern at this point.... You see in 1929 people were worried about running up deficits and "punishing the failures".

Same thing now. So, why wouldn't some of the Chinese be the same way.

That is a yearly address by Wen, He had to say "something", he also wants to make sure he addresses concern's people have.

I mean, if they really want to help.. they should buy even more treasuries.

I don't know if Wen knows he is caught up in it or not. I mean they use Keynes to stimulate their economy...

but the statement sounds like when obama said "we are doing all this spending, but we have to be concerned about the deficit."

Let me let you in on another secret.... why they don't care about the "Earmarks", Cause it is more economic stimulus. More money into the system to encourage the velocity of money.

Eric said...

I heard that reported on bbc news last night too.

Plays diferently.

They said "We are concerned and We hope that the Americans do the right thing"

Me too, I'm concerned... and I sure hope we do the right thing...

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