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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why is it...

What I don't get is why is it that Glenn Beck Cares that he said "They are taking you to a place to be slaughtered"

he will just say it next week

the great part about this is that he says.. I said it in the context of "The truth was being slaughtered."

Yes Glenn you slaughter the truth.


Tony said...

What's with the interest in conservatism?

Beck is an interesting case study. Like Rush Limbaugh he is an auto-didact who eschewed formal education. He has an innate ability to detect the emotional trigger in society-- what scares or angers people. This sells.

When someone is fearful, they tune in every night to see if "this is the day it all comes tumbling down." it's an odd emotion, but people are reassured that "someone" is watching over the leadership, even if that "someone" is a 'tard like Beck or Limbaugh.

The irony is that the people rely on guys who the least able to exhibit judgment: both of these guys have had addiction problems, have avoided military service, never ran for office or operated a successful business (except for their persona.) They are the free society's version of cult of personality, wielding more power and influence than nearly any other individual.

And there have ALWAYS been such poulist characters: muckrakers, Father Coughlin, Joe McCarthy, etc. The other irony is that regardless of their success in life, they are almost always forgotten after death, usually discredited and leaving their followers betrayed. George W. Bush is a variant of this persona-- only he actually got elected to office.

I'm working on a blog entry on "the purpose of the federal government" and the basic differences between liberals and conservatives. It all comes down to the clause about ensuring the "general welfare", which is actually a term coined by Edmund Burke, and is purposely left open to broad interpretation.

Eric said...

My issue with this one... well, the thing I find interesting, is that it seems like either the Puppetmasters at fox, or Glenn beck... Actually decided to address the issue that he is a Hatemonger, inciting people to fear and violence.

It's that the issue is getting Traction at Fixed News, that is interesting.

Tony said...

Roger Ailes, the director of Fox News, was on one of the Sunday shows and Arianna Huffington asked him why he let Beck spew hatred on his TV station. Ailes backed up Beck, so I guess Fox News feels compelled to defend their big ratings guy.

It's odd that the more heinous he is, the popular he becomes... like the Picture of Dorian Gray. Hatred is popular with the right wing 'bots.

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