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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never say I didn't do anything for you

I ran Parabolic SAR on the 130min sectors

First thing on sell, is of course the TLT, and it is "almost a buy"
There are 6 sells

First sell was: xph and xop

I do want to say that XOP is probably the 6th of the sells, and has muddled since wed.

thursday XPH sold, followed by XBI
Friday XLB
Monday XES

There are 6 other sectors, that are "Threatening a Sell Signal"
in this order

the last 2


Still on buy
xlu, rky, xli, UUP, xme, KBE, kie, KRE,xsd,xrt
in no particular order

1 comment:

Tony said...

Thanks for the run-down. I'm not sure what this says about "sector rotation" based on the business cycle, or if it's a statement on interest rates with higher yielding sectors (TLT, XOP, XPH) shifting into "sell" as fear abates. The risk trade is on.

There still seems to be a high level of correlation among stock sectors. Health care theoretically should outperform if fear comes back into the market, but then if Congress resurrects health care reform that could change the game.

From a pure technical standpoint, the market has mixed signals... wall of worry or complacency?

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