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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sector update

We had a nice bounce today.

Felt like everyone was caught selling it yesterday, then are long today.

Sentiment feels like a 7.

still with convincing sells

also still on sell

Some simple rotations

These are the only changes
KBE went to a Buy, and was on a sell.(the xlf was "Stalking" a sell)
XPH Went buy from sell.

The other changes are things that were "Stalking" are went to a buy.
SMH, right off the bat.
Most of these are threatening new highs.

SO... These are Shitty Parabolic SAR... just a simple SAR.

but it shows that the "Wanabee" leadership ... the next leadership... are the early cycle. Retail...Technology.... Etc
these things.. on a good move, on an economic recovery move, will want to be New Leadership.

Now the Old leadership... it should want to "Lag" Move sideways. This is the reason I'm trying to stay away from Shorting the banks. there is more money elsewhere.

and of course, everyone is fighting the last war... Like they always do.

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