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Monday, February 8, 2010

Now the Trouble.

My big complaint is now I have to spend time Reloading... Which means more trading...


Tony said...

Definite maybe. I can't figure out if we go higher r lower. I think it might be about sectors at this point. The SPX is too broad-based to get any feeling.

Large cap value should be spared versus small cap since credit will continue to be tight.

I liked your sector analysis from a while back, and Notley's is helpful. SPX not be very hslpful here.

Tony said...

It's noon (EST)and quite a few sectors have hit the 65-min 20-ema with adx > 25...

Holy Grail shorts.

XLY, XME, XLP, XLK, XLI, IWM, XLG, SPY... among others.

If you're a bear...

The problem is that on the 5-min, they are all looking more bullish. So, maybe look at LOD for entry, or at least the closest swing low????

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