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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everybody is on a hedge

Sort of a 5 on my DSI... wouldn't you think.

I think we just have to stick with my 7 from yesterday.

Now for my bullshit hedge.

I wish sentiment had hit like a high 8

I wish today had been the "Top" and not yesterday. That would have given us a 3 day correction and not a 2 day... or 2 and a half.

But I can also say that it's roughly paying out to script but futures are up 6 fair value of 3.7... Fair Value is very optimistic... that is a solid sentiment read.

Like I Said "To script" 2 swing fast flag, I would have preferred 3 bars then the "Inside" day or Pause.

But as I read sentiment everybody is on a "hedge"... "market in Decision mode".

I didn't watch Fast money, so those numbers are not in my sentiment number.

Personally I've stuck with my script.. and I may get burned.

I game played well is better than a game not played at all.

Bullishly... you do have to look at the volume.


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