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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My sentiment indicator

I always have a hard time with my indicator, on a first pullback.

Basically... everything reads like this

"My!!! That was a Surprise! I wonder if it will continue?"

and the problem is "Where to sell it." because many wonder if it is a trend or a single pullback.

Everybody waits for some kind of bounce to short... it tends to not emerge.

or it is a single pullback.

So... to put a number on it... 4-7. Most people are looking for the bounce.... "Still Holding resistance"...They say.


Tony said...

"4-7" is not *a* number... it's four numbers.

I need *a* number, or how am I gonna trade? I want my money back from this trading service.


Eric said...

well, It's honest...

probably the reason I dont' run a service.

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