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Friday, February 19, 2010

all Tiger all the time

Everyone should know how trilled I am to have 2 hours of Wall to wall Tiger Coverage.

Yes, you are a narcissistic addict, and you should lose your family. You will relapse, cheat on them again. I am not interested in the drama.

Are you working the steps... did you give your "power away to god".... YET ANOTHER WAY FOR YOU TO DENY YOUR FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY, YOU FUCKING CHILD!

Heard on the street:
Nike, doesn't understand.... when is tiger going to play again.... I mean a man is going to be a man right? Lets get back to work selling Shoes and shirts!

Oh, the market! I should have posted earlier. We needed that "Oh, the world isn't going to end.", and see everyone crushed on a "SELL SELL SELL"

I'm a big fan of the market 'selling, and we find out why later'... they can make up little petty reasons, along the way. Still waiting for some kind of sign of reversal. We do have a clean Wave count and the defense on this, should push sentiment up.

Dan Abrams was just on, talking about the public's right to know in the Tiger case...
"They don't have a right to know who he is sleeping with. But what happed that night, because the police were called, they may have a right to know."

Well, Dan I'm sort of with you, but he did for some fucked up reason, become a Menace on the streets and hit something. Could have been, my home, or my child or my car. So we get to know why he was a menace on the road.

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