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Friday, February 26, 2010


The interesting idea... There is the solid chance, and my thesis has been, and yes, i'm using the world thesis liberally but I would suggest a Right shoulder here....

Oh... how many times I've said "right shoulder"....

The other idea is that we have a triangle, I suggested this to Anthony.

I hate to talk about this, but some consolidation patterns are "Waiting for a Decision" and we may just have a "Waiting for a Decision on Greece" Triangle, forming... as I look at it, it's hard to suggest where it would form... above below...
the concept would be, some kind of Grind over the next couple weeks.

The Smart Folk, suggest that Greece is fucked, I'd agree. I don't think that Europe is like the united states, they don't tend to let the "Market Tail" Wag the Economic Dog.

I'm sort of a supporter of this idea, but that doesn't mean we don't take care of the Economic dog, but there is sort of a "Fuck the People" and "Save the Entitled super wealth" MEME that goes on, here in the United states, which actually creates a more fragile economy.

but BLA BLA BLA.... we are just trying to make money...

on the small scale... there is maybe a trade of last resort, or a small scale consolidation. I can look at some other timeframes and see some other patterns, But I'm not going to Make predictions.

with a Failing greece as a thesis, it's all about When it's going to fail.

I don't do much Macro, but we have had a credit bubble, and to keep it simple the other side of a credit bubble is Credit contraction, and it's not good for the market.... In fact it's 30-40 years of a developing Credit Bubble, and the collapse is absolutely epic.
Beyond that, there are socioeconomic issues, and changes in how we are going to aproach work. It's also time for a respect for "Work" ...
Also some demographic issues...
It's obvious to me, that we have serious political issues for at least 8 more years

It aint good kids, it's a serious and continual headache for some time to come... and there are no shortcuts.

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