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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Regular workouts, and diet restrictions...

have me on the ...

Just need to get in the flow of it.

I don't have a good read right now. Mostly because it is not definitive.

I was hoping for some kind of 8 on the DSI(sentiment indicator)... and it's muddled.

Nice big up day, it's easy to say some kind of short term pullback.

we did hit my targets, but to me, it just means Look around... We will see how she plays out.

If you want another sentiment read....

Exhaustion, and maybe more than just me. I'd suspect there are a few people weary of this.... Whatever it is.


Tony said...

Here's some input for the DSI:

I tend to agree with you, however, the blogs are all positive in the short term.

Is there really a lot of money on the sidelines? And will it come into the market now if it hasn't already?

Eric said...

we will see, But I'm liking the potential of todays candle.

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