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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday randomness

Obama won the Peace Prize today. I'm sort of in the camp of the "Really! So soon!?"

*Head Scratch*

As I've thought about it, and the Grease Balls who talk for megabucks. Gloat and Fume... and it makes me want to say "well, why the hell not!".

What I do think, is that maybe it's more a sign that; Maybe it's the people of the United States that Won the Peace Prize! Maybe the real winner is "us" who turned our back on USA Hegemony, and have elected a new leader, in support of our new goals of nonviolent conflict resolution.

Rush Limbaugh called out Joe Scarborough(makes note... Conservatives fighting conservatives(of course, it's over Joe's masculinity(and let us just suggest that someone is 'overcompensating')). Those who were having such "solidarity" seem like the cracks are forming, and in some real symmetry it's interesting to see the Democrats start to shore up some of their cracks, and start getting people in line.

Mother Market:

The stories were all "10,000 next week" and "when do we got to 1400?" I drew a chart of how the Teranova super spike could lay out weeks ago, and it's fairly close. On fast money he was talking it again, and he thought there was some kind of symmetry to the move last Columbus day and Monday which is Columbus day. I could see the Dollar signs in his eyes. Who knows, but it can do it without me.
I'll not bet with the guy with Dollar signs in his eyes. It can go without me.

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