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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiger... The masters

We all know, I'm not a Tiger fan.

nor a big fan of golf.

It doesn't help that, I think he should lose everything.

Lance Armstrong, just dopes... and I think he is a DB, and personaly he puts Tiger to shame, with all his good works.

Tiger is a Vial Shitbag, with some very serious ....

I wouldn't drink a beer with him, I wouldn't be in a room with him, I wouldn't work for him, I wouldn't work with him.

When I was 17 I had a project to watch 12 hours of TV.... I watched "The Masters"... I wanted to die.

So, as exciting as "The Masters" was this year, I kept having to point out to people, that there was no chance he was going to fuck a Cocktail waitress on one of the Greens, or fairways... not the bunkers... or the ... ok.. maybe the clubhouse, but they aren't going to show it.

If you are not a Golf fan, I just think you should keep that in mind.... as much as we are thinking about "The Tiger Woods Affair"

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