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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sitting here.....

I have sat down... and I need to go work out.... But since apparently I have some responsibility to my blog readers. I guess if I didn't I wouldn't have any readers....

This is I guess why I hate you.....

Fucking around I made a few hundred today.

But from my perspective..... I could have slept in, Worked most the day, No stress. No risk

No market Jackassness..... no... Reading News.... or podcasts.... or vid clips... of whatever was of Pho-importance on the day. I can't sit and watch CNBC all day... It rots my soul

I could have gone and worked at 7-11 and come home... watch Lost or whatever... some fucking sitcom.....

Somehow, here I am, trying to explain the same thing I've said for days.... EVERY KNOB IN THE MARKET IS BEARISH...

it's not a good sign for downside.

Here it is a long weekend, and instead of running off with the Girlfriend to parts unknown, I'm going to wonder all weekend what the NFP was.... and read all this news..... and the podcasts, and the WSJ... and the. And I'll get a chance to catch up on REAL WORK, all weekend.

Know when your opportunities are, and when they aren't.

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