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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nerdy Bike Culture

My favorite part of this is when the daughter says, "Dad, You are such a dork!"

If you are, Insufferably curious like I am, It's a mistake for me not to share some Nerdy Bike Culture, with you. I've been discussing Rollers for Weeks, with my nerdy bike friends. Part of why you got a Roller picture of my leg, a day ago. I was trying to explain to someone How to Roller. I get Massive Status in bike world, for being able to do rollers, They are not easy.... But I'm a "Road Less Traveled" kind of guy.

You also should try and understand the kind of balls it takes to dress in tight clothing and ride around on a road bike like you are "Some kind of shit!", But I wouldn't fuck with us. We try and be nice on the road. But... seriously, I smell your stink Mobile all the time, I'm not impressed, and Yes, I fear your 4 Tons of steel on my 200 pounds of flesh.

So, as an object lesson on athleticism, I give you stupid roller tricks!

I'm not sure, that we don't know that "We are Dorks". Don't think that this is as easy as he makes it look, and it takes some serious fitness. It's not a trick. Balance and fitness.


Tony said...

Is that as hard as it looks? I liked the riding with eyes closed at the end.

Eric said...

It is very hard, most people can't do 5 minutes on them

Tony said...

we have a roller for the rear tires only--- but it's pretty boring to do in the house.

Eric said...

that is called a Trainer.

The falling makes Rollers more interesting, you have to focus the whole time.

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