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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I must be in a good mood

Ok, that probably isn't true. I'm on my vitamin B supplements, and REALLY TIRED!

I ended up doing 2 workouts yesterday. The first one, I don't even remember. Followed by the one I posted yesterday.
I didn't want to give the impression I was "Calling top" (hell, this scares me as a contrarian indicator.... But.... Never did mind about the little things.. I think, With warning season, a wain in sentiment.... there is "Some kind of Pullback" here.Maybe even enough of a trap to get them below that lower red line, or the Yellow arrow.... Or just a pullback to the red arrow or something. THEN WE GET AN UPSWING!!!... Then We see.

The thing, I don't think anyone gets, is that we don't get aggressive yet. This is not the time. You want that "Retest Swing" on the 130 minute bars.... Like a Daily retest of top, that fails... that is where one gets aggressive. I'm just farting around here.... Trying to justify my time..

I just wanted to be clear about what I'm talking about.

I very much suspect sort of a wave 4 pullback, into a wave 5 top.....

Sometime in the next 5 trading days

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