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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Minute- Dfence

There wasn't anything do to really, The market since it moved up out of the "Trap" moved into "No-Man's Land" ... and we have "No-Man's Sentiment". We put in a nice move up at the close, I put on a little "Suicide Trade"... but didn't like selling it at 11K. But the suicide trade, felt like it should.... That is just stupid trader shit, selling 11k. It's very much in "No man's land"

  • Monday is the Anticipatory Options Pivot.
  • Friday is expiration.
  • Earnings should start, but still be quite next week

I'd suspect a down bar on Tuesday, then "We will see" After a bit of a "Downswing" from Monday to Tuesday, We will need to Look at the Upswing, after that....

Either it will make a new high or it won't.

In the Future... "We will See"... But I do not know.

We seem Very quite, 90-95% bullish, with the exception of good old Doug Kass. Sentiment wise he is a Pain in the ass, If he can STFU, we can get something out of it.... But just because he is raindancing, doesn't mean we can't have a top...... or certainly a Swing.

On the last downswing, it seemed like even Kudlow, was tired and ready for a correction, and Bob Pisani... He too was ready for a correction... Those are the spooky ones....

If there is a Daily top this week, that doesn't mean that some of the indexes haven't topped already.....

I talk about "Something that works, until it doesn't".... I was curious about not having a "Sell the news" on Earnings. But, I could just be freaking out.

so... for the next week, it seems like solid D-E-F-E-N-C-E is in order... Though I'm talking Daily Top, in the next 7 trading sessions. keep your shit together.

In other news... I have meetings this week. I will See if, in the economic excitement, I can convince some people into some projects. Spring has sprung, and there is no shortage of things going on. I'd expect the amount of time I have for the blog to be reduced.

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