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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You know, I'm twice as liberal as anyone and you have no idea how much I support the arts.

But lets just define Philistine Debra Winger!

I would try and come up with a word for someone who lacks Moral Values, but it would be redundant.

Let me also Assert that Roman Polanski is no great Artist! My entire life I kept wondering if there was some movie I had missed that somehow Justified a GangBang on a child. The only great movie he ever made was Chinatown, and I think Dunaway and Nicholson carried it, and the story. None of which he was responsible for.

His lack of follow through... I suspect if he had whacked himself in prison, he would be the Film version of Jim Morrison... but unfortunatly he lived long enough to torture me with The 9th Gate, Which was AWEFULL regardless of Johnny Depp.... HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH DEPP.

But you did it POLANSKI!!!

and Debbra Winger... you were in a movie once... Cannery row was a better movie than half the polanski stuff.....

HANG HIS ASS!!! just for making me think he was a great film Maker!!!

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