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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

before the final numbers go in the book

Here at the close and at the open tomorrow.

What is getting marked up, what the 401 K money is going into....

Is bonds.... that is where the little check marks are, on the 401 k forms


Tony said...

The technicals on TLT are amazing. gap up and another bull flag forming with next resistance level at 101.

Eric said...

Maybe I'll look at it in the morning.

I'm not trading it, it went sideways for to long and I lost interest.

I'm not sure I remember the targets..
106 comes to mind, and maybe there was a lower target.

You may want to look at it and see if it has a tendency to peak end of month/end of quarter when the 401K comes in.

which could bode well for your 110 on the spy, assuming correlations.

Tony said...

Good call... it does tend to pullback a bit the first few days of the month after a mini spike. And the gap up this month was on lower volume.

Eric said...

problem is you are playing the monthly trend against a possible flight to safety if we test the wedge.

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