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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


that is the dollar euro...

So... What it needs to spook them is a huge gap.

Zero Hedge has this very stupid thing about gold manipulation. (I'm going to get a trackback here.) Which is why in a deflationary environment, it's easier for them to believe that it's being manipulated and all their gold bug tinfoil hats should be worth twice as much. Because of all the money printing that, isn't making it into the money supply.(Double talk intentional.)

Figure I'd post a chart.
There is no breakdown. I posted that line at about 105 Seems like that is where one could indicate that the upswing is over.... but of course be weary of getting trapped there. as a bear.

The thesis on a breakdown, and again I'M NOT SAYING THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. would be that all the Knobbers that I said last week were going to get trapped, not only were trapped but then flipped their trades. And that roughly explains the move.
RE: window Dressing. I wouldn't think there would be a reason to window dress when we are at a 6 month High. The question would be if the people with 401K's Flipped their options at work over to Risk from Bonds.

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