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Monday, September 10, 2012

For some reason

I opened up some stock charts and started looking.

any move in the next few weeks under 1400 is a bad sign. This feels like a wave 5 move on the trend since june. But, when I look at it it doesn't look like it. I love that the move up happened during the DNC convention. As far as Feel, it just feels like this was a "Everyone back in the pool" kind of move.

On politics, Romney is a Perv. Most morons are. It's a massively patriarchal religion still stuck in the 1800's beatings of children and woman just being the norm. I told a friend today. I live in utah I know a ton of them. I have never met an exceptional mormon in my life. There is something about them that precludes them from being Exceptional. I'd suggest it is something about them being the ultimate sheep. Either they are the Wolves in sheep's clothing or they are the sheep. Romney is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

So sure you say, So are Catholics and most Christians and all the other religions. There is a foundation in Christ and the teaching of christ. Mormons have Joseph smith and Brigham young. If you read their teachings, you wouldn't find them to be all that christ like. in fact you can also say with the tendancy of mormons to marry children as part of polygamy, woman in their teens. They were actually pedophiles. This is the religion of Romney. It's a religion of sexual deviants, and their enablers.

My prediction is that you will find in the next few months people will get to know him... as much as you can know a plastic Muppet formed in the likeness of Ronald Reagan, People will not like him. I'd also say that anyone who straps their dog to the top of their car on a long trip.... Well how much empathy did he have for that animal... What do you think? do you think the common people of this country will receive more or less empathy than that dog? he saw and pet that animal for years, I'm sure that very animal tried to lick his face and just wanted love from his master. Well.... Believe he will have more care and concern for you who he has never met if you want to... I think if we elect him, the people of this country will be treated like a dog on the roof of Mitt Romney's SUV.

I guess I didn't post it, and it is sort of hind site at this moment. I knew something was up with gas prices, they didn't go down fast enough or far enough. Too many people were speculating in that market and it has nowhere to go. Now... I hope there are enough lifeboats there.....


Tony said...

The election is over but the media have to keep everyone engaged and will keep screaming that "it's still a toss-up." It isn't.

Romney shot his wad: outspent Obama, nominated Ryana nd had his convention...and there is no bump at all. Enough people see him for what he is: an empty suit.

Why on earth would the GOP nominate Richie Rich, anytime but especially NOW after all the shit Wall Street has pulled? The optics are just flabbergasting and I find it a testament to ingrained racism that Obama doesn't have a 30 pt lead.

Eric said...

Yep, you are accurate. after I posted I looked at the statistics. It is almost like the media don't want it to be over. I guess that is because the margin is so close.
I saw some stuff "I just don't like romney. One of the big questions is Who will show up to vote, and without liking him there is a slim chance people who would vote for him will show at the polls.

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