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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Ha! I'm back in

 For reasons only the universe will understand.
I'm back into trading the market.

My fantasy being that I can do it and have it stay healthy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


To be honest... I Fucking Love Politics.

I said earlier in the year. "We may not get what we Want out of our politicians, but we certainly get what we Deserve". That was my thought when Bush 43 got into office, He may not have received the popular vote, he may not have honestly won the electoral college, but we certainly deserve him. I hear people complain, people who can't be fucked to cast a ballot... I think... ya, go fuck yourself you can't even be bothered to vote... some bullshit about corporations and your vote not counting... bla bla bla... Shut the Fuck up! Decisions are made by those that show up... and you ain't it.

I look at Mitt the Shit, Hear him bullshit his way through the debate, lying and talking about plans and what he would do, and watch him do anything and say anything to win. The ends Justify the means. I'll be a great president, I don't care what I need to do to get there. Little do they realize, It's how you carry yourself through life that determines  who you are. That is the Moral of the selling your soul to the devil.... Once you have sold your soul, it's gone. That Daniel webster will show up and defend you, or that you will outplay the devil on your fiddle to reclaim it, is just empty deluded hope. You turn that corner, you never come back.

I remember being in a national park and having a park warden come up to me and want to search my bag. I said, "No Fucking way" He reached for it, and I pulled away. I spent the next 20 minutes giving him a civics lesson on how His right to search for weed was Trumped by my right to Privacy, and that he would lose his job for trying again, and may get his jaw broken for assault. Part of that civics lesson was on the Lack of morality of "the ends justifying the Means" and just because he felt he was doing the right thing, that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. I suspect after this the guy hated his job.

That is how I see Mitt the shit, He thinks that getting elected he will be able to do some good things, so he is willing to say anything, lie about anything, Make shit up, "Massachusetts has the best education system in the country." ya, and it has since before you were Governor and was after you were Governor .. but taking credit for it being number 1 in 2012 is a load of shit. since they were 3 when you left, and 1 when you came into office. It also doesn't hurt that MIT and Harvard are in the State. Ya, it's because it's heavily Democratic and democrats love education. They think it is the path out of poverty, as opposed to having a rich dad.

ya, being Amoral is a benefit in business and politics... I just wish people could recognize Bullshit when they see it. America loves it's sociopaths.... So admirable to lack empathy...

Shut the fuck up!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

number two

What you would want to see in a downtrend would be... I think... For it to slowly sell off for a few days. Sentiment was kind of negative this morning.

Monday, September 10, 2012

For some reason

I opened up some stock charts and started looking.

any move in the next few weeks under 1400 is a bad sign. This feels like a wave 5 move on the trend since june. But, when I look at it it doesn't look like it. I love that the move up happened during the DNC convention. As far as Feel, it just feels like this was a "Everyone back in the pool" kind of move.

On politics, Romney is a Perv. Most morons are. It's a massively patriarchal religion still stuck in the 1800's beatings of children and woman just being the norm. I told a friend today. I live in utah I know a ton of them. I have never met an exceptional mormon in my life. There is something about them that precludes them from being Exceptional. I'd suggest it is something about them being the ultimate sheep. Either they are the Wolves in sheep's clothing or they are the sheep. Romney is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

So sure you say, So are Catholics and most Christians and all the other religions. There is a foundation in Christ and the teaching of christ. Mormons have Joseph smith and Brigham young. If you read their teachings, you wouldn't find them to be all that christ like. in fact you can also say with the tendancy of mormons to marry children as part of polygamy, woman in their teens. They were actually pedophiles. This is the religion of Romney. It's a religion of sexual deviants, and their enablers.

My prediction is that you will find in the next few months people will get to know him... as much as you can know a plastic Muppet formed in the likeness of Ronald Reagan, People will not like him. I'd also say that anyone who straps their dog to the top of their car on a long trip.... Well how much empathy did he have for that animal... What do you think? do you think the common people of this country will receive more or less empathy than that dog? he saw and pet that animal for years, I'm sure that very animal tried to lick his face and just wanted love from his master. Well.... Believe he will have more care and concern for you who he has never met if you want to... I think if we elect him, the people of this country will be treated like a dog on the roof of Mitt Romney's SUV.

I guess I didn't post it, and it is sort of hind site at this moment. I knew something was up with gas prices, they didn't go down fast enough or far enough. Too many people were speculating in that market and it has nowhere to go. Now... I hope there are enough lifeboats there.....

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